Organic and the Truth

Let me start by saying if organic is the best you can get for your family it is better than the alternative that is in your grocery store.  However, if you have other options you may want to seriously consider exercising those options.

Here is why......Organic proteins: beef, chicken, pork, turkey and the rest, are all raised to certain standards.  Those standards are in place to guarantee what was fed to those animals and that is all it guarantees.  While that has its place let us also realize that to get the "organic" label is very expensive and ONLY regulates how the animal was fed.

So where does organic fall short?  It falls short in many areas.  It does not tell you how the animal was housed and cared for, if it was humanely treated, humanely harvested, how it was processed, how old it is, what chemicals were added to it during the processing or during the "presentation" of the product to the customer.

Let me ask you a question..... have you ever cut yourself, say a paper cut?  If you place a white tissue or other object over it to slow the bleeding, once that cloth or tissue is removed how long does it take for the blood to turn brown?  It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes.  Why? Aerobic bacteria in the air, the same bacteria that makes an apple turn brown 3 to 5 minutes after we bite into it.  So knowing blood turns brown in 15 to 20 minutes...... why is your organic meat in the case at the grocery store not brown? It is NOT the plastic film that it is wrapped in.... IT IS the treatment the meat gets after it is processed.  We are visual buyers, Americans literally buy almost everything with our eyes.  The grocery stores know this, so the meat in the grocery store is treated to always look "pretty" to us so we will buy it.  The sad part is this meat is still considered Organic.

More on organic and its short comings when we go into "PLUMPING" in your chicken.