Our chicken is simply the best.

We do NOT use battery cages, our (better than) Organic Chicken is raised in chicken tractors.  These are mobile pins that are moved so they can hunt and peck on fresh ground every day. This also provides protection from predators like raccoons, opossums, hawks, coyotes, feral dogs and other animals.  Those (better than) Organic Chicken go to their coop every night and come out every day to forage in our North Carolina fields.  They walk around, stretch their wings and eat, just like nature intended.

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Our (better than) organic chicken has no additives.  We vacuum seal and deliver it directly to your door.  

Our (better than) organic chicken is fully traceable. We only harvest and hand trim one animal at a time. This means that all of your organic chicken comes from the same small batch. This means that we know, based on the packaging, the source of your meat, the North Carolina or South Carolina field it grazed on, who hand trimmed your boneless skinless chicken breasts, which employee cut, trimmed and packaged the chicken that was delivered to your family.  This is an example of the many standards we have put in place to ensure that only the purest, cleanest, most holistic, safest and healthiest meats reach your plate for your family. 

They are hand processed in a USDA facility. We can only process 15 birds per hour, not the 140 per minute like the commercial facilities.

Whether it is a boneless skinless chicken breast or a whole bird, know you are putting on the table the Safest, Healthiest and Best quality (better than) Organic Chicken, Grassfed Beef, Heritage Pastured Pork and our North Carolina and South Carolina local seafood available for your family.