When deciding to place your trust in a company it is important to know who we are and who we are NOT.


We provide truly clean local food with NOTHING in it..

Only 5 people touch your food from the time it is born until it is vacuum sealed. 

We provide Local food.  Our seafood is Local and comes from off the coast of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Our beef is on ranches close to the North Carolina/Virginia line. Our pork comes from one of 2 locations, not far from our cattle ranches, near Shelby, North Carolina and not far from Florence, South Carolina.  Our chicken comes from South Carolina and near Marion, North Carolina. We have Lamb & Goat that come from the North Carolina / Virginia line area.

We hand butcher in our North Carolina USDA inspected facility. That means our meat is safer because we do not use machines that interrupt the digestive tract in a 1 size fits all assembly line.

We deliver your custom order to your door, so you get what you want not what a company wants to send you.

We pasture raise our animals on local North Carolina and South Carolina farms, this means they graze and forage for their food like nature intended. We do not give them chemicals, GMO's, manufactured feed that has who knows what in it.

We are Farm to Table.

We are an Online Grocery Store

We are local food

We humanely harvest

We are a customized and tailored Health & Wellness food company..

We will Provide you with the Safest, Healthiest, Most Holistic, Cleanest, Purest and Most convenient food without changing what your family eats or how much you pay. We WILL change how you source your food. If you are looking for clean food, healthy food, and the convenience of home delivery from your online grocery store hand trimmed by your online butcher..... we are it.

This and a lot more is what we do and who we are. More details are spread throughout our website.



We are NOT a freezer company.  We do not sell appliances

We are not a membership based company. You do NOT have to pay to join.

We are NOT a subscription service. You do not get force shipped orders NOR do you have to order "every so often"

We are NOT a service that requires a contract nor finances your food.