The Heritage pastured pork we provide your family is like NO other pork you can get. If you are trying to source the Safest, Healthiest and Best Quality for your family we are the solution you have been looking for and trying to source for your family..  Our food is NOT like other food you can source for your family,  it is raised to the most exacting standards, it is local local and simply the best.  

Only 5 people touch your Grassfed beef, (better than) Organic Chicken and Heritage Pastured Pork from the time it is born until it is packaged for delivery to your home.

Our heritage pastured pork is fully traceable. We only harvest and hand trim one animal at a time. This means that all of your pastured pork comes from the same hog. It means that your ground pastured pork is only from one animal, we NEVER mix sources for any of our food. This means that we know, based on the packaging, the source of your meat, the field it grazed on, who hand trimmed your cuts, which employee ground your ground pork and even the genetic lineage (parents) of the animal that was delivered to your family.  This is an example of the many standards we have put in place to ensure that only the purest, cleanest, most holistic, safest and healthiest meats reach your plate for your family. 

Our Heritage pastured pork is pasture raised and not fed grain, slop fed nor fed supplements. No steroids, hormones, antibiotics, dyes, bleaches, washes, GMO's  or injections.

We have heritage breed Berkshire pastured pork.

pasture raised hogs.jpg

Here is where we are really different.  We hand process our Heritage Pork, Grass Fed Beef and better than Organic Chicken at our own facility.  Each animal is humanely harvested and then hand butchered in our USDA facility.

Your order is custom cut and packaged just for you.  We do NOT  freeze orders and hold them for you.  The pork is harvested in the morning, hung til afternoon and  then hand cut late afternoon for your order.

We then vacuum seal each piece in individual packages.  Convenience on top of safest, healthiest and best quality Heritage Pork, Grass Fed Beef and better than Organic Chicken. What more can you ask for?

It is then delivered to your door.

So you are getting pure food, humanely raised and harvested, local, hand butchered for your order, delivered directly to your door, packaged individually to reduce waste and provide convenience.