How and why did Premier Foods at Home come to be?  Why and how did we begin to provide North Carolina Grassfed Beef, (better than) North Carolina or South Carolina Organic Chicken, North Caolrina Heritage Pastured Pork and North Carolina and South Carolina local seafood?

It is amazing how when you look back over life, somehow where you are now makes sense !!!!!!

I am Robert Woods and my wife Lynn, without knowing it, began the journey to this company over 23 years ago.  My wife and I have been married over 30 years and about 25 years ago, after 2 children and hectic lives, her in corporate America and me as an entrepreneur, we had both allowed our weight to skyrocket and our health to decline.

Lynn made the first move to address our bad habits.  One afternoon our sons, Weston and Garrett, asked her to play with them in the front yard of our Charlotte North Carolina home, after a few minutes she was winded and  not capable of continuing. This was her moment that brought her to the realization that she needed change. She left corporate America as a Comptroller and CFO and started taking fitness classes.  Her weight went from 268 to about 130 over about a year and a half.  During that process she began changing our eating habits at home. Not long afterward she started teaching the fitness classes she had been taking.  Soon she became certified as an instructor.  Approximately a year later she began to take classes on exercise and physiology, Lynn also became a licensed and certified Personal Trainer, then a Master Personal Trainer servicing the Charlotte North Carolina area. Lynn worked day and night to improve her fitness level, learn and gather information.  I was still just stuck in my same routines and bad habits. 

Lynn came to me one day, frustrated that she could help people look healthy and get them in great shape but could not get them to the level of health she wanted.  She, began doing research.  She came to me and told me she believed it was the food that was causing the underlying health issues. 

Our friends were just like us, whether they lived in Charlotte North Carolina, South Carolina or anywhere else, we all traveled to several high end grocery stores every week, spending 5 to 6 hours sourcing the best food for us and our family.  Little did we know, not only were we wasting our time and money, we were doing little to improve our health.

This is the true beginning of Premier Foods at Home. After watching Food Inc and reading through USDA, USDA definitions, FDA, and CDC materials, meeting with buyers of major supermarkets and focusing on the agri-business models I discovered that we are being marketed to and what we thought we were buying is not at all what we believe it is. I began simply enough, concerned with the health of my family.  We planted a small raised bed garden at our home in Charlotte North Carolina, soon we added bees and then a small backyard chicken flock for eggs,. We then added fruit trees to our yard. I then decided to start putting together a way to deliver to my family the cleanest, safest, healthiest and purest local North Carolina grassfed beef, North Carolina and South Carolina chicken, North Carolina pastured pork and local seafood caught off the North Carolina and South Carolina coasts..  

I just want to bring our safe, healthy and holistic food to everyone's table.  I hope to welcome you to the Premier Foods at Home family soon.