How many of us have walked down an aisle just like this?

Where did this meat come from? Can you really know?

Ours is local food...... Ours comes from our North Carolina ranches and South Carolina farms.

How far did it travel to get here?  The average is 1800 miles for your food to get to your table.

Our North Carolina Grass Fed Beef, better than Organic North Carolina Chicken, North Carolina Heritage Pork and Local North Carolina and South Carolina Seafood travels less than 100 miles on average.

Did theirs come from a foreign country where the USDA can not inspect?

Our local products are from Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Our North Carolina Grass Fed Beef, better than Organic North Carolina and South Carolina Chicken and North Carolina Heritage Pork is inspected at our North Carolina USDA facility.

How were they raised? What were they fed? Were they treated Humanely?  Who knows what the grocery store has purchased but usually in a feed lot.

Our local food is: North Carolina and South Carolina pasture raised, forage fed, with No steroids , No hormones , No antibiotics , No GMO's , fed NO grain.  Our North Carolina and South Carolina Grass Fed Beef, better than Organic Chicken that is true Free Range and Heritage Pastured Pork is vacuum sealed with NO washes, No dyes, No bleaches, No anything but pure food.

How is theirs processed? By a machine that ruptures the intestinal tract and spreads bacteria onto the meat that will make it to your plate at home, the industry calls it cross contamination. 

Our meat is Hand butchered and Hand Trimmed, So not only is our Grass Fed Beef, better than Organic Chicken and Heritage Pork the healthiest meat available it IS the SAFEST.

We can not know all of the people machines, the way the animals are fed, treated or harvested that are in the processes the grocery store uses to supply their stores.  There is one gourmet grocery store that states its beef is fresh, yet it comes from Australia. Now how did it get from Australia, a 62 day voyage on a ship and still arrive fresh?



When you walk into a grocery store and buy $1 of food you have spent 1 food dollar...... well kind of..... Yes, you spent $1 on food for your family but did you really spend a food dollar?  When that $1 goes into the register how much of that money goes back into replacing the food you just bought? 

Believe it or not only about 28 cents.  Yes only 28 cents of your 1 dollar goes back to replace the food you just bought.  Where does the rest of your food dollar go? To electric bills, employee salaries, to insurance, to underperforming departments of the store (when was the last time you bought flowers or filled a prescription at the grocery store), to the underperforming store across town, to business loans......... to a lot of other expenses.  

We often do not think of grocery stores as a business, we see them as food purveyors. We do not realize their inventory and its replacement is only a small part of their business expenses.


We put 84% of your food dollar back into your food.  

How? We have developed a different business model.  

1. We have eliminated the bricks and mortar store front

2. We raise our animals and treat them with the utmost respect and are humane through the entire process.

3. We harvest our animals,

4. We hand butcher your order,

5. We then deliver the order to your door

This allows us to put the BEST, SAFEST & HEALTHIEST Grass Fed Beef, better than Organic Chicken and Heritage Pork on your table for (in most cases) less than your grocery store.