This is another way we are different and better !!!!!!

We do not do "per pound" pricing.  We model on a per serving basis.

The reason we do not price per pound nor per item is that would result in higher prices.  Using historical data, when beef is high, chicken &  pork are low. The grocery stores price everything per item because they do not know how you eat or what you will buy that day. So they make their margins on everything. We make our profit on the total order. Also, because we free range our only variable cost is transportation. So our prices do not change. Seafood is the only food that changes, due to the cost of fuel in getting the boats from the dock to the fishing grounds and back again.

Also..... using chicken as an example. Every chicken has 2 breasts, 2 legs, 2 wings, etc.  The price per item or price per pound allows a grocery store to charge you more for boneless skinless chicken breasts than for legs. We own the whole chicken, so the cost per serving is the same, irrelevant of the part of the chicken you enjoy.

Our customers tell us we are 12 to 15% less than their grocery store charges for their organic foods. We also have run price comparisons and have found that most families spend $4.90 per serving for just proteins from Costco, Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Earth fare.  Other home delivery services like Blue Apron are at $11. and up per serving.

Our average cost ranges from $3.70 to $4.10 per serving based on how you order.

Our model is different so we can bring to your family the best food at the best prices while also keeping the food prices stable without fluctuations. It works because we incorporate all of the proteins in orders and we are the entire supply chain.

Please Fill out the order form and submit it with all of the information.  We will price the order out for you prior to you purchasing.  We are fully transparent and you buy NOTHING until you know what you are receiving and the cost.

I hope this helps. PLEASE let me know if there are any questions I can answer!!!!!!

Thank you and we look forward to earning your business and providing your family the safest, healthiest, best and most convenient food in the country.