The fish we offer your family is local and seasonal.

We have contracts with day boats that fish out of  NC and SC.  The catch they provide your family is no more than 2 days old and is seasonal.

It is ALL local, wild caught Atlantic seafood !

Let me introduce you to a few of our seafood specialists and Captains !

Tim, fishcutter.jpg

This is one of your fish cutters ! His name is Tim. Everyone says Tim has the Sharpest knives in the South !!!!!! Tim is really one of the best fish cutters you will ever meet. Tim has literally been cutting fish for most of his life.  He is the lead singer of a VERY POPULAR local Reggae band.  He is also a HUGE Carolina Panthers football fan, and I mean huge and die-hard !!!!!











We do NOT allow farm raised nor fish that are not sustainable in our company.

This is Captain Joe and also the co-owner of the facility that cuts your fish for us! On this day Captain Joe is crabbing for the Best Blue Crab on the East Coast. Tomorrow he may venture out to do some shrimping. Captain Joe gets up early everyday and then has to make it back to the dock before 2 pm so he can off load the catch into the capable hands of fish cutter Tim !  From there it is off to your house for the freshest, most sustainable and best seafood available. 

joe crabbing.jpg

The seafood is harvested in the wild and brought to the dock, from there it is hand fileted and prepared for your family..  It is then individually vacuum sealed and sent to us for your delivery.

A maximum of 4 people touch your fish from the time it was swimming to the time it is packaged and ready for delivery to your door.