Are you a subscription service?

NO, we are not a subscription service.


Is there a "buy-in" like in a co-op?

NO, with us there is NO buy-in.


If I place a custom order, not one of the packages, what is the process?

You fill out the order form with your choices and submit it.  Once it is submitted we will send you a square invoice. Once that is paid we will harvest your food.


How long does it take to get my Grassfed Beef, (better than) Organic Chicken and Heritage Pastured Pork?

Our usual time frame is slightly over 2 weeks, as we harvest the beef and then age it for 2 weeks.


Who inspects your grassfeed beef, pastured pork and organic chicken ?



Have you ever had a recall?

NO, we have never had a recall and our processes all but eliminate that possibility.


How long will the food last?

The USDA states 18 months, we prefer you enjoy our food within 9 months.


How much health and wellness meat will my freezer hold?

A household refrigerator with an attached freezer, either above, side or below freezer will hold enough of our food for a Family of 4, eating 5 times per week for 8 weeks or 2 of our largest packages, if the freezer is empty.


Do you ever just bill my credit card?

NO, we use Square invoices for orders, so we do not have access to your credit card information.


What area do you service?

We service the lower 48 states.  Shipping is included in our pricing for North Carolina and South Carolina. The remainder of the states are serviced using Fedex and a shipping fee will be added to the order.


Are you a Green Company?

Yes, we even have a shipping return policy that allows us to reuse our shipping containers.


Are there ever discounts?

Yes, our referral program allows for discounts.  We even have families eating for FREE !!!!!!


I have had a company come out and try to sell me a freezer, do you do the same?

We are very familiar with FREEZER companies. We do NOT sell freezers, we are a Health & Wellness Food company. We only sell the highest quality Grassfed Beef, (better than) Organic Chicken, Heritage Pork and Local Seafood in the US.